Sustainable collaborations

Building a collaboration takes time and effort. We can deliver continuous added value because of our unique combination of expertise. That is why we prefer and cherish long-term collaborations.

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Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field

Our experts have a manufacturing background and are the best in their field.

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We never lose sight of the business case

An airtight business case with return on investment – that is our goal!

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Average of 27% improvement in production

We maximize production performance in efficiency ànd quality.


All our project managers are experienced and take the full responsibility for Tegema’s projects. The keyword is ‘unburdening’. They strive for the best result and are pragmatic as ever, without overlooking the human aspect. Regarding to our expertises, our experienced project managers lead the way, and are aware of the importance of communication, which is crucial for every project. Also important to us is ‘the power of (being on) time’: time has a big impact on your entire organisation.




At Tegema we use the V-model to manage our projects. This method follows a sequential path of project phases. These phases also have a horizontal connection. During the phases on the left, we make preparations and planning for successful completion of the phases on the right. We have coordination and alignment with your team in every phase.