The assembly of complex opticals such as imaging systems, lens systems and integrated photonic systems requires even higher accuracies at even shorter process times. Such systems also require reliable and accurate assembly, bonding or joining steps to reach maximum optical and electrical performance. Tegema's competences provide solutions for optical assemblies. TEGEMA has the experience and competences in house to develop solutions for the manufacturing of photonic applications. Relevant competences include accurate motion systems, alignment software algorithms, bonding, and joining.

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caseMapper/Fibre Array connector

High-density connector for simultaneously connecting up to 1000 optical fibres to an optical receiver. For this project, the optical connector (vacuum and high voltage environment) was developed along with the automation equipment for aligning and placing the optical fibres in the connector part.

Modular platform

Breakthrough in Photonic Assembly

TEGEMA has developed a modular machine platform fit for automated assembly task for assembly of optical elements within sub-micron accuracy. The indigo productline for Photonic device assembly is suitable for R&D to volume production. Due to it’s smart architecture, it offers a breakthrough in cycle time that is up to 10x shorter then current solutions on the market

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Development of an align and bonding process along with active alignment equipment for bonding of a moulded lens array to optical die (VCSEL/PD). Achieved a post bonding accuracy of better than 300 nm.


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