P.I.C. Conference in Brussels

The P.I.C. Conference in Brussels is coming closer – and we are delighted to jointly announce the TEGEMA Photonic Packaging Platform. Are you curious? We are curious too - about your feedback on our new Photonics Assembly Machine.

We invite you to join us at the PI booth

We – that is Tegema’s Photonic assembly expert Sander Dorrestein and PI’s photonic expert Scott Jordan. We would like to learn about your use case and to get your comments on the new machine platform. The exchange of ideas could be at the PI booth during PIC conference from March 31st to April 1st or in a meeting room at the venue if you prefer higher confidentiality.

We have a limited number of timeslots available to discuss our breakthrough solution (approx. 60 minutes each). If you are interested in a meeting, please let us know in advance. Simply click on the reply button and let us know what your time of preference would be to meet our experts.

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Cooperation of PI – Tegema

Within this cooperation, it’s the ultimate combination of both 50 years of photonic alignment experience and nearly 45 years of high tech machine building experience that come together. It’s this joint effort that has resulted in the Tegema Photonic Packaging Platform.

The TEGEMA automatic assembly machine is a solution for operator assisted, semi-automatic to fully automated production of photonic devices. A solution that enables you to align and bond two optical components with ultra-high precision.

Key features

• Automatic photonic device assembly
• Configurable closed loop active alignment
• Cycle time <30 sec fully automated production
• Accuracy < 100 nm post bonding (application specific)
• Modularity allows for cost effective solution
• Small floor space < 1,1 m2
• Flexible / Modular / Configurable
Smart Modular Production Solution

Application field of use

• Fiber Optic module assembly
• Micro lens assembly
• Photonic device assembly
• Optical interconnect assembly for fiber optics and waveguides
• Pigtailing
• Planar waveguide coupling
• Chip to chip alignment


• Operator assisted up to fully automatic configuration
• Easy to swap or add additional process modules
• “Daisy chain” multiple systems in line
• Scalable, parallelizable can be integrated in existing production lines
Modular platform

Any questions in advance?

Please do not hesitate to mail or phone Sander Dorrestein from Tegema or Sander Slagter from PI Benelux. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Mr. Sander Dorrestein
Tegema B.V.
Mobile +31 6 29 06 49 64

Mr. Sander Slagter
PI Benelux B.V.
Mobile +31 6 34 08 13 33