On-site Engineering

On-site Engineering is able to provide expert capacity to our client base. We are even able to setup a whole team of specialists immediately. We understand what you are looking for because we have over four decades of expertise within your field.

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Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field

Our experts have practical experience in production and are the best in their field.

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We never lose sight of the business case

An airtight business case with return on investment – that is our goal!

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Average of 27% improvement in production performance

We maximize production performance in efficiency and quality.


In need of a tangible solution, translated from a concept, including requirements and needs? Our talented engineers would love to take on the challenge! Along with a team of mediors and junior colleagues, our lead and senior engineers go the extra mile in order to reach your goal: maximising your production performance. Machine building? Assembly line optimisation? Our team of (lead) lead engineers is there for you, from scratch to even beyond completion.

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Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineer


‘Multidisciplinarity’ is one of Tegema’s key words. Our mechatronic engineers are therefore indispensable and essential. Within our projects, they tie it all together: the mechanical, electrical and software aspects of our tangible solutions. Focused mainly on robotics and industrial automation, our mechatronics are there for you during the whole process, from the first few sketches all the way up to even beyond the finish.

Your performance is our challenge!

We maximize production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. We do this through a unique combination of expertise with respect to assembly optimization, equipment, and joining & bonding. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide practical experience, stubbornness and great determination; we think outside the box. Challenge us and we will deliver creative, result-orientated solutions.

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Joining & bonding cards

Joining and Bonding

Five steps define reliable bonding & welding processes. We'll gladly explain them all.

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Assembly optimization

Today’s manufacturing world is changing rapidly. Tegema has a vast knowledge base to make your manufacturing future proof.

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To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes, but you also need the best equipment.

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Project management

Our experienced project managers always take full responsibility for Tegema’s projects: ‘Unburdening’ is the absolute key. They are result-oriented, and pragmatic as ever, but never overlook the human aspects. Regarding machine building, joining and bonding, optimising assembly processes and maximising production performance, our project managers lead the way, with an awareness of the crucial importance of communication. Unequivocal is ‘the power of (being on) time’: after all, time has an impact on your entire enterprise.

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Software engineer

Software Engineer

To make these machines actually work, PLC programmers are required. Their skill set is considered to be very unique: a logical and methodological way of thinking, extensive and up-to-date knowledge of machinery-related fields and, more than anything, large doses of creativity and empathy. After all, to get a machine working and thus to maximise your production performance, the perspective of the user has to be taken as the jumping-off point. To complete successfully, a meticulous start is essential. Therefore, our PLC programmers are part of Tegema’s multidisciplinary team from the very beginning and onwards.

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