The MedTech industry is among the world's fastest growing industry sectors. It encompasses a wide range of healthcare solutions, devices for early and rapid diagnosis, minimally invasive treatments, digitised healthcare and care & delivery solutions. A very relevant industry, in which we as Tegema like to act in order make better healthcare accessible for everyone. According to research, most of the companies operating in this market are optimistic about the future of the industry. However, the fast-paced development and acceleration in the industry creates a lot of challenges. We have ample experience to unburden Medtech companies of at least one of the challenges: production performance.

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caseAccurate dispensing solutions

In this project TEGEMA has developed a production system for the accurate dispensing of fluid solutions. Specifically, for the application, a dispensing process method, dispensing module and motion platform have been developed which together are capable of dispensing fluid solutions down to 3nl of a viscosity range 1 – 10.000 cps on a sensor die. Droplet placement with respect to targets on the die is within 7 um.


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