Lean Assembly Solutions

Tegema’s FAST concept is based on LCIA technology that comes from Toyota and Omron. LCIA technology has been proven in practice for many years now and delivers big advantages in productivity, quality and flexibility. The core concept is to make use of the human strengths (intelligence, flexibility) and combine these with the strengths of the machine (repetitive, accurate). The line design makes sure that the benefits last over time.

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Average of 27% improvement in production performance

We maximize production performance in efficiency and quality.

Error Proofing

In production environments where assembly is executed manually, we are usually confronted with a highly fluctuating quality level. To reduce operator dependency, error proofing is the logical countermeasure. The operator is guided during the assembly sequence and simple and clever checks make sure that when mistakes are made the operator is warned automatically.

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Error proofing tool
Pick to light system

Pick To Light

In situations with manual assembly, it is easy for workers to forget to assemble a part or to use the wrong part. With a pick to light system, a light in front of the bin lights up, indicating to the operator which part to pick. The hand of the operator reaching into the bin is detected by a sensor. When the correct part is picked, the sequence continues, if not the operator is warned. Pick to light systems are an easy way of assuring assembly quality.

Operator Support System

Operator support systems continue where pick to light systems end. The system works with a projector that projects an image on the surface of the worktable. Bins can be lighted to indicate the part to pick. The operators’ hand is detected by a 3D camera. The projector can also be used to project the work instruction on the work surface to indicate where to place the component.

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operator support

Mapper/Fiber Array Connector Photonics

High-density connector for simultaneously connecting up to 1000 optical fibers to an optical receiver. For this project the optical connector (vacuum and high voltage environment) was developed along with the automation equipment for aligning and placing the optical fibers in the connector part.

Autonomous intelligent vehicle

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles

To increase productivity in your factory, it is a good idea to start to automate lower added value work such as transportation of goods. Autonomous intelligent vehicles are excellent for transporting components to and products from the production line. With just-in-time delivery, it is possible to reduce stock positions on the work floor.

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Service and Aftersales

Tegema gives customer service a high priority: our customer support includes the full range of services to keep your production cell up to date. After installation we are available for further maintenance and service throughout the complete lifetime of the production cell. We do everything to maintain the highest production performance.

Service & aftersales

Your performance is our challenge!

We maximize production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. We do this through a unique combination of expertise with respect to assembly optimization, equipment, and joining & bonding. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide practical experience, stubbornness and great determination; we think outside the box. Challenge us and we will deliver creative, result-orientated solutions.

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Data visualisation

Data visualisation hardware and software

Data visualisation and analytics can be very demanding when it comes to handling vast amounts of data within a short amount of time. It is important to make the right choices when making the database design and selection. Tegema works with specialists who can advise you on how to get maximum performance from your data.

Turnkey Assembly Line

Tegema offers the following services: – Consultancy to optimise your production efficiency, – Assembly process design, – Assembly process design in combination with delivery of equipment and -Turn key production line delivery. In turn key projects, Tegema executes the complete project from first analysis, via Process FMEA to equipment design and realisation. The line will have the promised output in quantity and quality.

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Turnkey assembly solution

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