In recent years, Tegema has transformed itself into a supplier of solutions for production performance. To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes and solutions for bonding and joining, but you also need equipment. Whether it concerns manual assembly workplaces, production tools or a fully automatic production machine, Tegema can deliver these. By using our configurable solutions, Tegema not only offers the best solution, but also at competitive prices. We always find the best solution for your business case.

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Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field

Our experts have practical experience in production and are the best in their field.

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We never lose sight of the business case

An airtight business case with return on investment – that is our goal!

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Average of 27% improvement in production performance

We maximize production performance in efficiency and quality.

Production & Qualification tooling

Tegema is growing and expanding! What we do best obviously grows along with our company. We have a solid base and demonstrated history regarding optimisation of assembly lines.. Moreover, we successfully accomplished projects regarding qualification and development of tooling. Thus, if you need us for these specific matters, you know where to find us and we will make the plan more than work for you.

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Production & qualification tooling
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Lean Assembly Solutions

Tegema’s FAST concept is based on LCIA technology that comes from Toyota and Omron. LCIA technology has been proven in practice for many years now and delivers big advantages in productivity, quality and flexibility. The core concept is to make use of the human strengths (intelligence, flexibility) and combine these with the strengths of the machine (repetitive, accurate). The line design makes sure that the benefits last over time.

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Your performance is our challenge!

We maximize production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. We do this through a unique combination of expertise with respect to assembly optimization, equipment, and joining & bonding. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide practical experience, stubbornness and great determination; we think outside the box. Challenge us and we will deliver creative, result-orientated solutions.

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Joining & bonding cards

Joining and Bonding

Five steps define reliable bonding & welding processes. We gladly explain them.

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Assembly optimization

Today’s manufacturing world is changing rapidly. Tegema has a vast knowledge base to make your manufacturing future proof.

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On-site engineering

On-site Engineering is able to provide expert capacity to our client base. We understand what you are looking for because we have over four decades of expertise within your field.

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Smart Modular Production Solutions

Our Smart Modular Production Solutions help you meet the new market demands. Starting with a semi-automated production system or scale up to a fully automated production line: all our modular production solutions are ready for ramping up the volume and are capable of producing a high mix of products. Together with our team of engineers, we support you in the upgrading of production or extending an existing production line, to match the needs of your company and your market.

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Smart Modular Production Solution
Production line automation

Production Line Automation

When developing a production line, we draw upon our existing knowledge and the technology that is available on the market. The resulting production system is a seamless integration of existing and in-house developed manufacturing processes and proven automation experience. As a default we use our configurable platform as a modular, robust basis on which to integrate the manufacturing processes. We have a standard basis frame, controls and software on which we can build further, making it possible to focus on the complete manufacturing process and its challenges.

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Robots welding in a car factory


Automotive assembly is often synonymous with low cost and high quality. During the assembly of automotive modules, the safety requirements are strict and ergonomic working is a must. It is in those four expertise areas that Tegema has developed and built an assembly cell enabling the assembly of battery carriers for DAF. The challenge was to create an efficient process for logistics and assembly of parts throughout the cell. Smart solutions were chosen through intelligent orientation of parts, minimising handling and maximising quality by automatic verification of the assembly steps. This resulted in an in-line solution that contributes to the values of DAF. Their operators experience an assembly cell which is well designed and a joy to work in. It’s another great achievement for Tegema.

Robots welding in a car factory

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