Electronic production

The assembly of electronics and box building has its special demands, such as prevention of damage, ESD protection and testing. Tegema’s engineers have a proven track record of creating intelligent assembly solutions for electronic production environments. Using LCIA technology developed in Omron, it is possible to keep production of electronics in Europe without compromising on cost and quality and with the benefit of producing close to your market.

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caseNeways Electronics International

Neways Electronics International is a Dutch enterprise based in Eindhoven that manufactures industrial electronics. For Neways, Tegema designed and realised a dedicated manual assembly line based on LCIA technology that originates from Omron Electronics Japan. In this line, high-tech medical devices for MRI systems are produced. The cycle time was reduced by more than 50%, the production lead time was reduced from 40 hours to 8 minutes and the achieved quality level is below 200 ppm.

Neweys case - high resolution

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