CITC and Tegema

Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) and TEGEMA join forces to develop micro-assembly processes for integrated photonics. In this collaboration, production technology and production equipment will be developed that will further accelerate the growth of integrated photonics

CITC and Tegema join forces to develop micro-assembly processes for integrated photonics

‘The growth of photonics is mainly hampered by the lack of standardization in back-end production of integrated photonics packages. That is why every new product demands an innovation in assembly and packaging. This leads to high costs and technological risks. By developing manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment hand in hand through a highly flexible platform, CITC and TEGEMA reduce development risks and costs. This makes it possible to market integrated photonics products in a shorter time.’

This is stated by Barry Peet, Managing Director CITC and Pierre van Lamsweerde, Managing Director Tegema.

With CITC’s expertise in microelectronics packaging and Tegema’s experience in high-precision alignment equipment a strong duo is created to make it possible. A crucial part of this ambition is collaboration with other parties to accelerate this further. Parties like product developers, packaging foundries and end users.

In order to give shape to this development, Sander Dorrestein, currently Project Solutions Director at Tegema, will switch to CITC on May 1 2020. He will strengthen the CITC team and further shape the joint photonics ambitions together with the Tegema team.

From June, CITC and Tegema will jointly start to approach parties to develop micro-assembly processes for integrated photonics.

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Marco Koelink
Business Development Manager CITC
T: +31 (0)6 15 15 66 41

Nathalie van  Zeijl
Business Manager Tegema
T: +31 (0)6 14 72 41 27

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