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TEGEMA has developed a modular machine platform fit for automated assembly task for assembly of optical elements within sub-micron accuracy. The indigo productline for Photonic device assembly is suitable for R&D to volume production. Due to its smart architecture, it offers a breakthrough in cycle time that is up to 10x shorter than current solutions on the market

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Modular platform

TEGman | TEGassist | TEGauto

  • FAST: < 30 sec record breaking cycle time for photonic assembly,
  • Accurate: better than 100 nm post bonding accuracy (application dependent)
  • Modular: Configurable to the application and production requirements
  • Cost effective: low investment, low maintenance cost
  • Flexible: Easy to swap from application to application

Photonic device assembly; unique modular approach

TEGEMA indigo product line a automatic assembly solution for operator assisted, semi-automatic to fully automated production of photonic devices. A solution where two optical components needs be aligned and bonded within ultra precision. The modular machine platform can be modular designed for applications amongst others for chip to chip alignment, lens to chip, optical fiber to chip.

Photonic assembly requires high precision alignment of two optical elements, optimized to its specific performance. The core of the machine platform is ultra fast, accurate, active alignment by which the alignment of the optical components are optimized for perfect coupling efficiency. This capability combined with flexible micro gripper technology and accurate bonding technologies yield to a versatile assembly platform suited for a wide range of optical assemblies.

The platforms unique modularity is a stepping stone approach for growing along with the production volume demand, from research phase to fully automatic production without having to invest in new equipment. The Indigo TEGman provides a solution for piece by piece assembly in an R&D environment. The TEGassist provides a solution for low volume production, where the operator loads the parts and the assembly is automated. When production volumes increase the TEGassist can be upgrades to TEGauto by simply adding a loading and unloading unit from either tray loader of conveyor system.

Performance graph

Key features

  1. Automatic photonic device assembly
  2. Configurable closed loop active alignment
  3. Cycle time <30 sec
  4. Accuracy < 100 nm post bonding
  5. Cost effective
  6. Small floor space < 1,1 m2
  7. Flexible/Modular/Configurable
Key features modular platform

Application field of use

  • Fiber Optic module assembly
  • Micro lens assembly
  • Photonic device assembly
  • Optical interconnect assembly for fiber optics and waveguides
  • Pigtailing
  • Planar waveguide coupling
  • Chip to chip alignment

Modular - configurable

Operator assisted solution

Full automatic configuration

Easy to swap or add additional process modules

Daisy chain multiple systems in line

Scalable, parallelizable

Can be integrated in existing production lines

Configurable modular platform

Webinar Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits

Over 300 registrations, 220 live participants, and exactly 33 questions. We are over the moon with the massive interest in our recent webinar about the Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits.

As you know, in this webinar, photonic experts Sander Dorrestein, Scott Jordan, and Arno Thoer, told you about their recent breakthrough in assembly time and packaging speed for integrated photonics.

Afterwards, attendees fired so many questions at our experts, it was impossible to answer them all. And maybe, a burning question just popped into your head overnight. Well, with this e-mail, we want to provide you with any additional information you might be searching for.

On-demand viewing of the webinar
If you were unable to attend the webinar – or if you were inspired and want to share the video with your colleagues and peers – you can watch the recording through this link.

Engage with our experts one-on-one
We’ve already collected all the technical info about the modular machine platform for ultra-fast automated assembly of photonics in the Tegema Indigo Product Brochure. However, we are aware it might leave some questions unanswered. Therefore, we want to provide you with the possibility of a one-on-one talk with one of the experts of the webinar.

Is there still something you are curious about regarding the Photonic Packaging Platform? Just send an e-mail to
 and Nathalie van Zeijl will connect you with Sander, Scott, or Arno. They are more than happy to answer any questions you might still have.

Nathalie van Zeijl
Business manager at Tegema, on behalf of Tegema, PI, and CITC

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