Assembly Optimization

Today’s manufacturing world is changing rapidly. Increase of variety of products, economic protectionism and exchange rate fluctuation all have a disruptive effect on our production. With methods like LEAN, LCIA, and IOT, I4.0, it is possible to make products against competitive cost and high quality. Tegema’s FAST technology can give you a real competitive edge!

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Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field

Our experts have practical experience in production and are the best in their field.

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Average of 27% improvement in production performance

We maximize production performance in efficiency and quality.

Workflow design

Very often the output and quality of an assembly process depends on the chosen workflow for the manufacturing process. By making an analysis of the as-is process, Tegema can distinguish the added value actions from the non-added value actions. By removing non-added value labour from the workflow, we can improve productivity by 27% on average and improve assembly quality at the same time.

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Lean assembly process design
Data visualisation


With the increasing intelligence of production equipment, a greater amount of data can be derived from the equipment. To make sense of the vast amount of data, the use of data visualisation software is key. With good graphical representation of data, you can clearly see the status of the process in the blink of an eye and detect anomalies easily.

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Neways Electronics International is a Dutch enterprise based in Eindhoven that manufactures industrial electronics. For Neways, Tegema designed and realised a dedicated manual assembly line based on LCIA technology that originates from Omron Electronics Japan. In this line, high-tech medical devices for MRI systems are produced. The cycle time was reduced by more than 50%, the production lead time was reduced from 40 hours to 8 minutes and the achieved quality level is below 200 ppm.

Neweys case - high resolution

Factory Roadmap

In the Industry4.0 Era, it is not easy to understand the impact and usability of technologies for your production. Our specialists have a track record in industry and have practiced making technology roadmaps in their field of expertise. Tegema specialists can make a technology roadmap for you tuned to your production, so that it becomes easy to make strategic technology development decisions.

Factory roadmap

Your performance is our challenge!

We maximize production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. We do this through a unique combination of expertise with respect to assembly optimization, equipment, and joining & bonding. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide practical experience, stubbornness and great determination; we think outside the box. Challenge us and we will deliver creative, result-orientated solutions.

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Joining & bonding cards

Joining and Bonding

Five steps define reliable bonding & welding processes. We'll gladly explain them all.

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On-site engineering

On-site Engineering is able to provide expert capacity to our client base due to our long time experience in the field.

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To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes, but you also need the best equipment.

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is a buzzword that you hear often in Industry 4.0 reports. But what does it really mean? Where to start? How to make it simple? We believe that Predictive Maintenance technology can be applied in assembly processes to clearly see trends and to create triggers to keep things on track.

Internal Logistics flow

During a factory assessment, Tegema specialists will identify the processes that do not add value. Material movement usually is a big contributor. We will first have a look at the material flows in your factory, to look for savings by moving processes in a more logical way. The movements that remain can be automated using automated intelligent vehicles (AIV) to enable your workers to do more value-added work.

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Logistic flow
Lean assembly process design

Lean Assembly process design

Tegema engineers are hardened in real life factory Operations. They use proven technology based on the Toyota Production System. Tegema applies FAST process design for discrete products to achieve maximum productivity, quality and flexibility. The usual result : productivity up >30%, quality less than 300 ppm.


Industry 4.0 is a name given to the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Its purpose is to enable mass customisation of products under the conditions of highly flexible (mass-) production and to improve the production performance. Implementation of Industry 4.0 in your production environment can be a huge step. Robots, highly automated systems, and Internet of Things are what is really needed. At Tegema, we believe that a stepped approach is the best way towards implementation of Industry 4.0. These simple steps can make your production environment more efficient through measurements and data collection which provide insight into your production performance.

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Industry 4.0

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