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Partnership TEGEMA and Arkite a fact! Joint ambition for local production of European Quality at Chinese costs

Partnership Tegema and Arkite a fact: producing locally together!

Today’s manufacturing world is changing rapidly. Increase of variety of products, economic protectionism and exchange rate fluctuation all have a disruptive effect on our production. At the moment, Corona really has a disruptive effect on production, it shows dependence on production. Today it is necessary to produce local for local. Despite the higher labor costs in the Netherlands, TEGEMA has answers on how to achieve this in a competitive way. With methods like LEAN, LCIA, Industry 4.0, and the right technology, it is possible to make products locally against competitive cost and high quality. The technology of Tegema and Its partners like Arkite can give you a real competitive edge! At the same time it helps to maintain an inclusive society by providing work for everybody.

Arkite has developed an operator support system where assembly employees receive the right instructions at exactly the right time. In addition, these instructions are projected on or next to the product. The sequence of the assembly process is indicated to the employee. To avoid mistakes, the parts to be taken are illuminated with the aid of a projector. If nevertheless a faulty part is picked, this will be detected by means of a 3D sensor and the employee will receive an optical and / or auditory signal. Application of this technique has many advantages: Shortening the learning time to a few minutes, significant cost reduction through error-free assembly, increasing the quality level (200ppm is achievable), a fixed working sequence, less work stress for your assembly employees.

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In our TEGlab in Son (NL) you can experience for yourself how ARKITE’s HIM can be used in an assembly process. For more information about the HIM project or about the application in your new or existing production line, contact Martijn van Diessen, business consultant at Tegema. Interested in a demonstration in our TEGlab, feel free to challenge him as well!

Raimond Elias
Managing Director Arkite
T: +31 (0)6 18 98 43 73

Martijn van Diessen
Business Consultant Tegema
T: +31 (0)6 22 81 44 24

The common factor

Together, TEGEMA and ARKITE are committed and passionate about bringing you the solution that helps your people perform better. The team has a seasoned background in industrial engineering, lean thinking and process innovation. With her professional staff, TEGEMA is able to implement the system smoothly in your manufacturing process. Services include: Process Innovation Consultancy, Integration Services, Training and Support during startup phase. We also assist our customers with time study (MTM) for technology innovation, knowledge management to improve the quality system (eliminate scrap) and organizational innovation by introducing new work forms to decrease throughput time.


TEGEMA is a multidisciplinary system integrator with over 100 passionate engineers and business consultants. Founded in 1976, we have over 40 years of experience in the field of customized precision mechanics and mechatronics and combine this experience with the latest robotics, software and big data technologies to optimize production performance in the high tech industry.

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ARKITE helps operators excel by transforming into a digital and interactive environment. It is the ultimate Operator Guidance technology. Pick to light. Human error prevention. Traceability. Scrap & Rework Reduction. Light Guidance System.

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