About Tegema

TEGEMA is a multidisciplinary system integrator with over 100 passionate engineers and business consultants. Founded in 1976, we have over 40 years of experience in the field of customised precision mechanics and mechatronics and combine this experience with the latest robotics, software and big data technologies.

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Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field

Our experts have practical experience in production and are the best in their field.

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We never lose sight of the business case

An airtight business case with return on investment – that is our goal!

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Average of 27% improvement in production performance

We maximize production performance in efficiency and quality.

This is who we are, this is Tegema

Over the years, we have developed a passion for developing and optimising production processes. The shift towards mass customisation, digitisation and increasing innovation rates makes our work technologically challenging. And we thrive on doing cool technical projects!

We do this in a friendly way, whereby humans are at the centre of our solution. We know how to use technology to help us humans do what we are good at. Our aim is also to keep production local, to maintain an inclusive society. Our drive is to solve Industry 4.0 challenges for OEMs and first-tier system suppliers. This will result in a flexible and efficient production process for you. Your team and resources can remain focused on your innovation.

We enjoy working in innovative industries. Our market focus is on Semiconductor, Medical, Mobility, Electronics, Photonics and Energy. We prefer long-term relationships; the better we know you, the more value we can provide.

We are based in two locations, at the Science Park Eindhoven, in the heart of the Brainport, the world’s smartest region. This location includes our workshop and cleanroom. Furthermore, we have a second office in Arnhem to serve the northern part of the Netherlands.

Not only do we design and engineer the right production solutions, we also build and maintain these for you. In our workshop and cleanroom, we build and test your solutions and deliver them, on time.

With a team of 100 people, we have the typical SME mindset; pragmatic, approachable, fast and flexible. We are slightly stubborn: we love what we do and want to do it well. We set the bar high. We do what we say. We are Tegema.

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